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  1. I live in Port Hawkesbury NS and have been to a specialist in North Sydney about my legs and feet that have lymphedema in them ,but, now , I can’t get rides there and there are no buses or shuttles coming back. however, a bus comes to our town around 7pm and if I had an appt. in truro, new Glasgow or antigonish, I could get a bus back. also, I have a dog and it is hard to get someone to look after him. If I was only gone for 8 hours; the dog could hold that long , but, I’m not sure he can hold himself after that time and I really wouldn’t expect him to. so, my appt. and my drive back has to be within 8 hours. it is hard to get a drive from someone even to antigonish. however, I don’t see any specialists between antigoinish and truro that treat lymphedema. it is mostly vascular surgeons who do that, but, one time a couple of years ago, when I was on the internet, there was a site ( I forgot to bookmark it) that said other specialist could treat lymphedema if they wanted to. besides receiving, which I can get here , I think, does anyone know a specialist between here-Port Hawkesbury or Antigonish and Truro who will treat lymphedema of the feet and legs? mostly everything is either up in Halifax or in the Sydney area.. hope to hear back from someone. have a good day!

    • Hi Linda,
      If you go to “Certified Lymphedema Therapists” on our website you will find a few options in Truro NS. That is still pretty far from you, though. I will contact the ACLN members to find out whether there is somebody closer to you!


  2. Hi,
    I have primary lymphedema. I am from Newfoundland but now live in Nova Scotia. I find it very difficult to find any one who knows anything about lymphedema and I find that very frustrating but at least I know what I have. Lately, I have become very active in my community and, unintentionally, have been increasing lymphedema awareness. (Now I do it intentionally 🙂 ) I have had a lot of people come to me and say that they think they have lymphedema but are having a hard time getting diagnosed.
    I would love to be able to plan some sort of convention or seminar for March in the Halifax area (Lymphedema Awareness Month) to help raise awareness and so people who “think” or know that they have lymphedema can get more info about it and some possible treatments. If there are any doctors, therapists, medical aid people (pumps, compression stockings, etc.) who would be willing to participate please contact me at bingsbooks@yahoo.ca. My tentative date is March 5th.
    Karen Bingham

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