About ACLN

The Atlantic Clinical Lymphedema Network (ACLN) is an inter-provincial network of skilled clinicians committed to the exploration and implementation of best practice and effective service delivery in education and management of lymphedema.

This website aims to provide an access point of information for people suffering from or at risk of lymphedema.



4 thoughts on “About ACLN

  1. I completed the Vodder course this year and now have my certification in MLD. How can I become part of this network?

    • Hi Christina,
      Good to hear from you. I am glad there is another therapist in the area! I will forward your address to the group members and you will receive our emails soon. You can contact us anytime as well.
      Cheers, Ramona

  2. Hi, it was good to meet you both at Han’s Zimmermans fitter course this summer. I looked for a link to join but didn’t find one. Can you add me or send a link to join the site.



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