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    • Hi Anita,
      you could check the CPA website or contact the Foeldi or Vodder schools directly to find out about upcoming courses.

      If I hear of any I’ll let you know!

      Hope this helps,

  1. I am a certified lymphedema therapist living in Nova Scotia. I am an American, trained at the Foeldi Clinic in Germany.
    I am having trouble finding certification requirements in this province. I had a private practice in the States and would like to start one here. Can you refer me to the appropriate regulatory bodies?
    Also, must I register with private insurers for reimbursement? It is unclear if this treatment is covered outside of hospital clinics.

    • Hi Daya,

      Are you a massage therapist, a physio or a RN? You would have to register with the according association and provincial body. Hope this helps.


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